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Semi Permanent Makeup Training

Semi permanent makeup training is in much demand in the UK because this profession has become among the fastest growing cosmetic branches in the entire beauty industry. There no doubts the fact that anyone that has completed semi permanent makeup training will be much in demand. Essentially, semi permanent makeup is about learning to deposit hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the skin's dermal layer. If you would like to become proficient at this art, then it is necessary that you undergo semi permanent makeup training.

Semi Permanent Makeup Training

Permanent makeup – Advanced Aesthetics

For high quality semi permanent makeup training, you need to check out sources such as Advanced Aesthetics which offers training in all kinds of applications related to semi permanent makeup work. One of the advantages of undergoing semi permanent makeup training at Advanced Aesthetics is that you will get to learn at a pace that suits you and you can also choose what you wish to learn and also how you wish to learn more about various aspects of semi permanent makeup.

Simple as learning the alphabet

The good part about undergoing semi permanent makeup training is that it is as simple as learning the alphabet. At Advanced Aesthetics you have several options available to you and you can, for example, choose a machine which costs between 995 pounds and 2995 pounds. In addition, you can undertake book study which is a prerequisite and then you have three different modules to choose from including eyebrows, eyeliners and lip liner.

Eyebrow enhancement techniques

If you wish to undergo semi permanent makeup training in use of eyebrow enhancement techniques you will need to pay about 800 pounds (plus VAT) for basic definition. If you want to undergo semi permanent makeup training in eyeliner techniques then you can expect to pay about eight hundred pounds (plus VAT) to learn the basics of applying linings. Even a basic introduction to lip liners will cost 800 pounds (plus VAT).

After selecting a machine as well as module, you will need to make a deposit of fifteen hundred pounds (plus VAT) and then you can start studying at home. The home study involves learning the theoretical part after which you will be ready to study the practical aspects. Once you are ready to take up practical studies, you will need to pay the balance amount and then you can take part in the rest of the semi permanent makeup training.

Once you have completed this module successfully, you will then be asked to finish a workbook consisting of ten modules. These modules will deal with a particular area which you have chosen to study. To assess your performance, Advanced Aesthetics makes use of before and after photographs. If the trainer is satisfied with your performance you will get a certificate.

You can also undergo your semi permanent makeup training with Debra Robson-Lawrence who runs the Specialist Makeup Services Academy of Semi Permanent Makeup. Debra Robson-Lawrence is very passionately involved in her profession and has created this academy with the sole intention of providing top class semi permanent makeup training. Her academy has trained professionals from not only the UK but from the rest of the world as well.

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