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Permanent Makeup Equipment

Whether you are planning to perform permanent makeup on clients or even if you are looking to get permanent makeup done to your face, you still will need to learn a few things about the different kinds of permanent makeup equipment that are available today. There are those cosmetologists that prefer using hand methods of applying permanent makeup while others prefer to use machines. If your cosmetologist plans on using the hand method then they will need small items like an exacto knife handle that has needles at the very tip. This item of permanent makeup equipment is used for the Softap technique though Softap is also a trade name.

Permanent Makeup Equipment

Permanent makeup-The Softap hand tools

The Softap hand tools can prove to be very effective in helping the cosmetologist apply the pigments in a soft manner and the costs involved are also very low. However, the speed at which the permanent makeup can be applied will be slow and it also takes experience before the cosmetologist will succeed in speeding up their work.

Coil Machine

For those cosmetologists that plan on using machine methods the most common item of permanent makeup equipment that they will need to work with is the coil machine. This is also the same machine that is used in tattooing and it has been a first choice for most cosmetologists that like the coil machine because it is a true workhorse.

Sturdy machine

The coil machine is an excellent item of permanent makeup equipment and one that is sturdy and does not require much maintenance and it is also long lasting and will serve you for many years. It is also good for the cosmetologist who can use this item of permanent makeup equipment to complete their procedures quickly and effectively. It also supports a number of needle configurations that will help the cosmetologist to achieve different kinds of artistic effects. In this the coil machine is superior to many digital and rotary machines which are items of permanent makeup equipment that do not cater for so many different needle configurations.

The only trouble with using items of permanent makeup equipment such as the coil machine is that they make a lot of noise and clients liken it to a dentist's drill and so are put off by such items of permanent makeup equipment. However, these items of permanent makeup equipment are perfect for doing small permanent makeup jobs and they are also very manageable as well.

Digital rotary machine

The digital rotary machine is another option for those who are looking for useful items of permanent makeup equipment. These machines are professional looking and operate quietly and anyone can learn to use them. In fact, this item of permanent makeup equipment is considered as being a state-of-the-art machine and the needles come with cartridges that are pre-sterilized which mean that the cosmetologist does not need an autoclave.

However, the digital rotary machine is a costly item of permanent makeup equipment and so is not every cosmetologist's first choice. Both the machine and the need cartridges can cost a lot of money and even for a complete lip procedure the cosmetologist will require two needle cartridges which then hikes the cost of the procedure even further.

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