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Laser Permanent Makeup Removal

If you have been careless about entrusting your permanent makeup job to a less than well qualified practitioner and you are now worried about how to remove a botched-up permanent makeup job then you should look at the benefits of laser permanent makeup removal. Unfortunately, too many people make the mistake of getting permanent makeup done by an unqualified practitioner and this can result in bad results. The good news is that one can remove and even improve permanent makeup without too much trouble.

Laser Permanent Makeup Removal

Permanent makeup-lasers are a worthwhile option

Laser permanent makeup removal is one option that is worth trying out. Other options include surgical excision and dermabrasion. However, laser permanent makeup removal is a good option. This particular method makes use of various light pulses that will help in breaking down the tattoo ink beneath the surface of your skin. In this way, the cells in the body are able to consume the ink and in this way you can get rid of your permanent makeup.

Different factors

The results of laser permanent makeup removal can vary according to factors such as laser type used and also the wavelength of the light that is being used. Laser permanent makeup removal is a very popular option and is the preferred means of getting rid of body art. However, currently there are not so many physicians that recommend use of laser permanent makeup removal.

Risk factors

The reason why so many physicians fight shy of using laser permanent makeup removal is that there are certain risks involved. Also, laser permanent makeup removal of permanent eyeliner can be very expensive and also quite hard to do. Most physicians are very cautious about using laser permanent makeup removal because the lips happen to be vascular which means that they can bleed very easily.

In addition, physicians are also concerned that laser permanent makeup removal can change the colour of the makeup to black and so will ruin the results. The costs of laser permanent makeup removal can also vary and will change from one case to the other. The costs involved generally depend on how severe the problem is and also the number of sittings that are required to completely remove the permanent makeup with the help of laser technologies. If you have to come for multiple sittings then the costs will be higher.

It is also a good idea, before opting for laser permanent makeup removal, to take into account the consequences of side effects and you should also make sure that you are told about the potential outcome of such removal procedures. It is also important for you to accept the fact that laser permanent makeup removal will cost you a fair amount of money and these costs will have to be borne by you because insurance coverage is not offered for such procedures. In case of multiple sessions, then the costs can be quite significantly high.

Also, keep in mind the fact that despite multiple sessions the laser permanent makeup removal procedures might not succeed in completely removing your permanent makeup. This means that there is a risk that some amount of permanent makeup will still remain at the end of all the treatments.

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