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Permanent Makeup Tattooing

Permanent makeup tattooing can help you in making a style statement and it can also help you in highlighting your eye's individual beauty. Today, people that want to make use of permanent makeup tattooing can do so by using various colours to compliment the natural colour of their eyes. Permanent eyeliner makes it easy to add subtle or striking eyeliners. The best part is that when you get permanent eyeliner, you will not need to apply it on a daily basis. Best of all, applying permanent makeup tattooing eyeliner is safe and very easy and it will produce the most fabulous of results.

Permanent Makeup Tattooing

Permanent makeup –excellent alternative

In fact, permanent makeup tattooing provides you with an excellent alternative to the traditional means of applying makeup on a daily basis. There are several options available to those who are interested in permanent makeup tattooing. For example, they can choose to get permanent eyeliner or they can go for permanent eyebrows and then there is permanent lip liner that you can opt for.

Full lip shading

Other options for those who are looking for permanent makeup tattooing include full lip shading and camouflaging of unwanted scars. In addition, there is beauty spot removal and even tattooing of hairline as well as nipple reconstruction. Regardless of the type of permanent makeup tattooing that you opt for, the objective will be to make it easier and more convenient to look perfect at all times of the day and night.

Immediate enhancement of your looks

Essentially, when you get permanent makeup tattooing done, small droplets of a desired colour will be placed in the skin's dermal layer. This will result in immediate enhancing of your looks and these enhancements will also be permanent. The best part about using permanent makeup tattooing is that it will help you in achieving a naturally enhanced look that cannot be duplicated with conventional makeup applications and even through paramedical camouflaging.

Can be done without machines

As for the actual permanent makeup tattooing procedure, it is gentle and can be done without needing to use machines or being injected. In fact, it is easy to do permanent makeup tattooing by hand. All that is required is to use a topical numbing agent which helps in sensitizing the area. In addition, it is important to check that the method that is to be used is one that has been approved by doctors and it also makes sense to ensure that the pigments to be used are those that are recommended for use on your facial skin.

Different permanent makeup tattooing procedures are priced differently. For example, if you wish to get your eyebrows reconstructed then the cost would be around five hundred pounds. For eyebrow shaping you can expect to pay 250 pounds and for eyebrow enhancement you will need to pay about 150 pounds.

For eyeliner (top) the cost would be around 200 pounds while for top and bottom you will need to pay 375 pounds. If you want permanent makeup tattooing for the lips then it would cost you about six hundred pounds for full lip job. For lip infill, you will need to pay upwards of 100 pounds and for lipliner the charges would be about 400 pounds. All these permanent makeup tattooing procedures are available to you at Pure Beauty Treatments whose address is 15A Churton Street, Pimlico, London SW1V 2LY. You can call them at 0207 821 5859.

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