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Permanent Makeup Lips

Permanent makeup lips techniques can help to enhance the lips in a way that daily application of lip liners and lipsticks just cannot. Many women find the task of applying lip liners and lipsticks on a daily basis to be too time consuming and a real challenge. Moreover, more and more people are now discovering the benefits of permanent makeup lips techniques which will free them from having to perform the daily lip lining rituals.

Permanent Makeup Lips

Permanent makeup – perfects the shape of your lips

Ideally, a permanent makeup lips technique, if used properly, will help to perfect the shape of your lips and in addition will define the natural lip lines and also enhances the natural colour of your lips. The end result is that after a permanent makeup lips application, your lips are going to look much healthier and attractive.

Eliminates smearing

Permanent makeup lips liners also help in eliminating the smearing of lipsticks which is why this option is being embraced by all those who consider themselves to be connoisseurs of lip gloss. The reason is that with permanent makeup lips liners it is possible to apply lip cosmetics and in this way they can prevent their lips from appearing bare at any time of the day or night.

Of course, you should get your permanent makeup lips enhancement performed by experts who must be adept in the proper art and science of designing the perfect shape for your lips and in addition are able to ensure that your lips are shaped to suit your individual requirements. There are basically four different permanent makeup lips enhancement techniques to choose from.


The first option is the barely-there-lip-liner-definer technique. This technique helps in defining the natural contours of your lips and will be created in the natural colour of your lips. Such a permanent makeup lips enhancement technique is also very discrete and is only visible when viewed up close.


Impact-lip-line-definer is a technique that helps in defining and also extending (if required) the natural contours of your lips to provide the lip with better definition as well as to make the lips look fuller.

Full lip tint

Full lip tint permanent makeup lips enhancement techniques are there to properly define and also extend (if needed) the natural contour of your lips so as to provide the lips with better definition and to make them look much fuller. This permanent makeup lips effect ought to also be complimented through infusion of lip colours across the rest of the body of the lip. This can best be achieved by using interactions of light and shade which will help to create a 3D look which will result in adding volume to the lips. In addition, this method will also achieve a longer lasting veil of colour that will look very natural.

Lip Blush

Lip blush is another permanent makeup lips enhancement option and one that will define and even exceed the natural contours of the lips. This method can improve the definition of your lips and make them look a lot fuller. It can be complimented by using shades that will need to be blended ever so slightly towards the interior parts of the lips.

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