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Aftercare for Permanent Makeup

If you would like to get the most out of your permanent makeup procedures, then it is important that you learn more about the fact that proper aftercare for permanent makeup can help you in achieving better results. After your permanent makeup procedure, it is very likely that your skin is going to swell up and there will also be some amount of bruising as well. The good news is that these effects are temporary by nature.

Aftercare for Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup –an art form, not a science

Permanent makeup procedures are more of an art form rather than a science which means that even in spite of careful handling, your skin color may show signs of unevenness. In fact, you will also have to undergo a few sessions in order to get desirable results. To help you get the right kind of results you have no choice than to follow the correct aftercare for permanent makeup procedures.

Apply ice

For example, in the first twenty-four hour period after your permanent makeup you will need to apply ice at the affected part as much as you can. Such an aftercare for permanent makeup step will help you in bringing down the swelling caused by the procedure.

Sleep with head in elevated position

Next, in terms of proper aftercare for permanent makeup steps, you must also understand that you have to sleep with your head in an elevated position as this is another way of alleviating the swelling caused by a facial procedure.

Bruising and swelling

As mentioned, after the permanent makeup procedures, you are going to notice some amount of bruising and swelling. This is not only normal but will also gradually (within seventy-two hours) subside and disappear. However, before you touch the affected area, make sure to follow some basic aftercare for permanent makeup advice. You must wash your hands thoroughly before attempting to touch the affected area. Also, without rubbing the affected area, use a cleaner that is not abrasive and clean the tattooed parts and then pat it dry.

Another piece of aftercare for permanent makeup advice is that after the procedure you must not apply any makeup – at least not for the next seventy-two hours. Once these seventy-two hours have passed, it is OK if you apply some facial powder which will certainly help to tone down the tattoo.

As for other important aftercare for permanent makeup tips, be sure to sharpen your eyebrow pencil till it is absolutely sharp and then use it on your eyebrows. Also, never make use of any eyelash curlers on your eyes until the eyeliner has hardened completely. If applying mascara, make sure that you are using new mascara and never use old mascara.

You should also follow another aftercare for permanent makeup tip and that is it pays to wear eyeglass in the outdoors as this will help in protecting the newly applied permanent eyeliner and the eyebrows from any dirt and dust.

Also, remember that following the procedure you will experience some amount of itchiness at the affected area. This is normal. An important piece of aftercare for permanent makeup advice is that you must never peel or pick or even scratch the scabs in the affected area as doing so can lead to infection, scarring and unevenness of colour.

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