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Permanent Makeup Artists

One of the most important jobs that permanent makeup artists have to perform is to enhance the natural appearance of their clients' faces with the help of permanent cosmetic tattooing procedures. Permanent makeup is also referred to as micro pigmentation and involves injecting colour under the surface of the skin. Permanent makeup artists need to be experts at injecting colour beneath the skin for long lasting eyeliner and they should also know how to shape the eyebrows and improve the colour of a client's lips.

Permanent Makeup Artists

Permanent makeup –must be adept at using latest techniques

Permanent makeup artists should be adept at using the latest makeup techniques such as scar camouflaging as well as application of permanent blush. In order to perform their duties properly, permanent makeup artists must have received specialized training besides their normal training to be licensed to practice as cosmetologists or electrologists or even as estheticians and nail technicians. It is equally important for permanent makeup artists to understand that their jobs involve more than performing procedures because they must also understand to create permanent makeup solutions to suit each client's individual needs.

Adding specialty services

The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals or the SPCP says that most permanent makeup artists would like to add specialty services to their portfolios. Ideally, to become permanent makeup artists a person need to possess certain skills as well as have certain qualities. These include having a keen eye for symmetry as well as complete knowledge of facial morphology. They should possess steady hands and must have outstanding fine motor skills and of course they also need to possess excellent eyesight. In addition, permanent makeup artists must possess excellent communication skills and they should also be good at marketing their services.

Specialized training

If you are planning to join the ranks of permanent makeup artists, then you will need to undergo specialized training which can best be obtained from a permanent makeup school. Such schools are quite rare but it is possible to obtain permanent makeup training from a reliable and experienced trainer. The SPCP also recommends that budding permanent makeup artists should opt for training programs that teach subjects such as the structure of the face and skin. In addition, the school should teach budding permanent makeup artists how to design their client's looks to suit their exact needs.

They need to also be expert at every aspect of sterilization and should be well informed about health factors and should also have complete understanding of required equipment and needles as well as use of autoclaves and the like. In addition, would-be permanent makeup artists must also know all about colour and pigment issues and they should possess outstanding marketing and business skills.

Permanent makeup artists also need to learn how to use different permanent makeup machines including the traditional style coil/tattooing machines, rotary and/or pen machines and they must also be adept at using hand methods and methods that do not require use of machines.

The most important factor about being successful as a permanent makeup artist is that you must have experience in working on real clients and under the keen observation of an expert trainer.

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