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Bad Permanent Makeup

More and more people are realizing that if they are to save time on applying makeup then they should go in for permanent makeup. This way they will need to undergo one procedure and then there will not be any further need to stand in front of the mirror to apply makeup on a daily basis. Permanent makeup is good for women that lead busy lives and also for those who suffer from allergies from different makeup products.

Bad Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup-botched job

The only worry is that if the job is botched up then you will need to contend with the effects of bad permanent makeup. The simple fact is that since this procedure results in permanent effects and if the job is not done properly then it there is no other option than to fix the effects of bad permanent makeup. Bad permanent makeup generally occurs when you try to get your permanent makeup done for cheap or if the practitioner has made use of cheap products.

Cutting costs?

Bad permanent makeup also occurs if the practitioner cuts cost by using cheap and old products. The substances in those products may turn out to be poisonous and can do other kind of damage to your skin as well. The ill effects can even become permanent and they may also not be treatable.


Another form of bad permanent makeup is that of asymmetry which can cause a number of problems. The plain truth is that even the most accomplished practitioner of permanent makeup can do the job inaccurately and the second concern is that with the passage of time your face and its features will have undergone a few changes. At the same time, the effects of permanent makeup will remain the same and this can make things look out of symmetry.

Mixing colours in the wrong way

If the practitioner does not mix the colours in the proper manner then this too can become a reason why you will have to contend with bad permanent makeup. If the colours are not mixed properly it can give rise to weird colourations like your eyebrows might become blue green in colour or your cheeks can turn to pinkish red in colour and more.

Another consequence of bad permanent makeup is that you can suffer from herpes or sty which are contagious and so can get into your body or your face, especially if the tools used in the permanent makeup procedure were not properly sterilized.

Finally, with bad permanent makeup you may also have to suffer from bleeding and various diseases. This is because permanent makeup is a form of tattooing and unless the procedure is done in sterile environments and unless the tools were properly sterilized there is a chance that blood from improperly sterilized tools can be transferred to your body and in this way can transmit diseases.

However, when all is said and done, permanent makeup is a good thing but only if it is performed by an expert and with the right permanent makeup products. Fortunately, it is also not all that hard to remove the traces of bad permanent makeup.

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