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Permanent Makeup Supplies

If you need to buy permanent makeup supplies, then the best way of finding the required items is by shopping for them online. If you are just starting out in the permanent makeup business then you must also ensure that you start off by first buying the basic items of permanent makeup supplies. Once you have learned the basics of permanent makeup, you can then invest your money in purchasing more advanced products.

Permanent Makeup Supplies

Permanent makeup –multi-purpose items

Before buying permanent makeup supplies, be sure to invest your money in items that offer multi-purpose use and also be sure to purchase a rotary or even coil machine. Of course, if you are going to use hand methods, then there will not be any need for you to purchase such items of permanent makeup supplies. When buying machines, it is important that you pick an item that is able to handle flat and round needles and it also makes sense to purchase a foot pedal as well.


Needles are very important items of permanent makeup supplies. So, be sure to purchase them in bulk and in addition, add some shaders and liners to your list of permanent makeup supplies. These should be purchased in various sizes so that you will have a needle for every different procedure.


An autoclave is one of the more important items of permanent makeup supplies that you must have available with you at all times. This autoclave makes it easy for you to do your permanent makeup and it is also a very durable item as well. However, when using the autoclave, be sure that all the non-dispensable parts are properly sterilized.

Next, when choosing permanent makeup supplies, be sure to purchase hypoallergenic pigments. In the beginning, you can purchase just a basic number of these items and in addition, be sure to add some designer colours to the list of permanent makeup supplies that you want to buy.

A good topical anesthetic is another item of permanent makeup supplies that every permanent makeup technician or artist must buy. If you have some money left over, then you can spend that on buying other items of permanent makeup supplies such as aftercare products like an ice pack or two, salve and eye mask gels.

You may also need to purchase a power source for some of your permanent makeup machines. When shopping for permanent makeup supplies, it makes sense to purchase items that are visually appealing as this will impress your clients. The same goes for your equipment which should look professional and which should have an attract design. These are simple things that can help in allaying many of the fears that clients have when they want to get permanent makeup done.

You may also want to include permanent makeup kits in your list of essential permanent makeup supplies. These kits should be of good quality. As long as you keep these basic things in mind, you will not find it hard to purchase the right kind of permanent makeup supplies to help you get your permanent makeup work done to perfection.

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