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Permanent Lip Makeup

Permanent lip makeup involves making use of different approaches. Modern permanent lip makeup is quite different to what it was about a decade and a half ago as today; more emphasis is being placed on lip lining and on lip contouring. Women in particular are most obsessed with sporting lips that are sensitive looking and also very bright looking. They also want to apply permanent lip makeup in order to look their best throughout the day and night. When they apply normal makeup there is always a chance that the makeup will be ruined due to their busy lifestyles and intensive rhythms of living in megapolises.

Permanent Lip Makeup

Permanent makeup-a wonderful solution

Permanent lip makeup is a wonderful solution for such women as it does much more than enhance the look of the lips because it also helps to improve one's perception of oneself. After permanent lip makeup, the lips are going to look much brighter and they will also appear to be larger and of course it also means that the lip contours will be highlighted and the form of the lips will also start looking more attractive.

Accentuated the contours of your lips

When you go to a cosmetologist to get your permanent lip makeup done, the cosmetologist will outline the lines and also check how best to accentuate the contours of the lips. This is done with the help of a fine needle. After this, a slightly larger needle will be used to create an outer contour that should look more diffusive and blurred. If all you want from your permanent lip makeup is to lift and adjust your lips, this is all that is needed.


However, for the complete permanent lip makeup procedure the cosmetologist will also need to treat your entire lip area in a procedure called a tintage. When undergoing permanent lip makeup, you can choose from a wide variety of colours and tones which include colours that are pompous and bright and you can also choose to go with natural colours.

For those who wish to create more natural looking lips, it is necessary to get special kind of chemical stuff applied to the lips as this will make the colour look shearer and that will help to make the natural colours shine through the dye.

Before the permanent lip makeup procedure is performed, the affected area will have to be anesthetized though one will still feel a bit of pain. The pigment needs to be injected into the skin's upper layers. Fortunately, the pigments are not toxic and cosmetologist can control the depth at which the perforation is made. Lastly, the cosmetologist will need to apply special ointments to your lips which will have to stay there for between ten and fifteen minutes.

After ten to fifteen minutes, this ointment can be wiped away and then a remedy (protecting) is applied to your lips. After the permanent lip makeup has been completed, the lips will look a bit large because of soreness which lasts for six plus hours. It takes a month before you will see the true results of your permanent lip makeup procedure.

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