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Permanent Makeup Aftercare

It is important to find out and use permanent makeup aftercare tips without which the chances of getting satisfactory results will not be high. One thing that you should understand about permanent makeup aftercare is that applying cold packs will not make much of a difference when it comes to reducing swelling caused by the permanent makeup procedures. However, applying cold packs will make you feel good and it adds to your comfort levels.

Permanent Makeup Aftercare

Permanent makeup-do not freeze the wound

There no doubts the fact that if you cool a skin wound that this will do you a lot of good but remember that freezing the wound will not be of much help. Therefore, when addressing such permanent makeup aftercare steps, be sure to use cold packs that are at refrigerated temperatures as this will be safer when it concerns bringing relief to the damaged dermis. Do not use cold packs that are at freezer temperatures as that could traumatize the tissues and make the condition worse.

Cooling the skin is alright

There is no harm in cooling your skin slightly and for a few times and this can easily be done by making use of wet tea bags and wet cloths as well as gel compresses. However, remember that proper permanent makeup aftercare means that you must neither overuse the ice packs nor use inappropriate ice packs as these could damage the fragile skin on your face and that could result in complications.

Skin deep wound

It is important to understand that proper permanent makeup aftercare also means understanding that a permanent makeup procedure is like a skin deep wound and it is just like scratching the skin. Therefore, you should not be surprised or taken aback when there is some oozing and scabs will also form which is a natural consequence of the procedure.

You should also make use of another permanent makeup aftercare tip which is that you should keep the affected area moist which you can do with the help of a good healing ointment. The outer healing will take about three to five days while for lips the healing period is about seven to ten days. Proper permanent makeup aftercare requires that you use GenTeal PM ointment or Shoshanna EDEN SLAVE or even Dr. Dan's CORTIBALM lip balm.

GenTeal is good for those who have undergone eyeliner permanent makeup. If your eyes feel dry or if they irritate you then the simplest permanent makeup aftercare measure is to apply some GenTeal to them. GenTeal does not make use of any preservatives and so is safe to use.

In case you notice an allergic reaction after your permanent makeup procedure, proper permanent makeup aftercare is required which starts with informing your makeup artist about such reaction. Another useful permanent makeup aftercare tip is that you must not perform any strenuous activities for at least two days after your procedure. also, never scrub or rub or wipe or scratch the affected area. Instead, pat it gently.

Finally, the most important permanent makeup aftercare measure is that you must keep the affected region absolutely clean and if there is any oozing, then simply rinse it off or blot it away.

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