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Permanent Makeup Machines

Using permanent makeup can be very advantageous, especially if you are too busy to apply daily makeup. In fact, if you go in for permanent makeup, you will then not need to worry about waking up early in order to apply your makeup and in addition you will save time and effort as you will also not have to purchase any new makeup. The best part is that after getting permanent makeup done to your face, you can rest assured that you will always be looking your best at any time of the day or night.

Permanent Makeup Machines

Permanent makeup – a better option

All these factors should show you that it is indeed in your best interests to make use of permanent makeup machines. Of course, you can also opt for a manual method but those who have used permanent makeup machines will testify that this is the better option. If you allow permanent makeup machines to do their work, you will not have to worry about experiencing discomfort and in addition the job will be completed much faster.

More efficient and effective

Permanent makeup machines can also address your requirements in a more efficient and effective manner and they are also very safe and hygienic as well. Your main concern is to ensure that your permanent makeup is done by high quality permanent makeup machines.

Merlin from BioTouch UK

Merlin from BioTouch UK is one of the better permanent makeup machines and also one of the most popular machines. These machines are able to accommodate flat and round needles and are powered by a powerful rotary motor that revolves at 8000 rpm. This machine operates quietly and will ensure that pigments are deposited in a very even manner.

The Merlin permanent makeup machines are designed to make the needles move either up or down and not from one side to the other. These machines offer many benefits including superior deposit of pigments, lesser skin traumas, faster healing and fewer touch-ups will be needed. In addition, these permanent makeup machines also ensure lesser fading and better and more professional results.

Sunshine from BioTouch

Sunshine permanent makeup machines from BioTouch are also a wonderful option and most technicians tend to use these machines because they offer consistency as well as reliability. However, these permanent makeup machines revolve at slower RPMs than other machines and so will work much more quietly as well. These permanent makeup machines can easily be assembled and they are affordably priced as well.

However, these permanent makeup machines are better suited for practice by a new technician and also to serve as backup machines for technicians. Since these permanent makeup machines work at slower speeds, they can also be controlled easily and will work at a steadier pace. These factors make them ideal machines for newbie technicians.

Finally, BioTouch also offers permanent makeup machines called Mosaic which are able to accommodate flat and round needles. These machines are powered by strong rotary motors that provide smoothness of operation and noise-free operations as well. The benefits of using such permanent makeup machines include superior and better penetration of the skin, precise up and down movements, fewer traumas and damage to the skin and better RPM which helps to ensure smoother results.

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