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Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Permanent makeup tattoo involves a cosmetic technique in which use of tattoos is made in order to produce certain designs which look just like real makeup. Examples of permanent makeup tattoo include eyelining and permanently enhancing the colour of the skin on your face or lips and even the eyelids. In fact, permanent makeup tattoo is also used to create artificial eyebrows. This is something that is used on those people that have lost their natural eyebrows on account of old age or disease as also for disguising scars and/or white spots. In addition, permanent makeup tattoo is also used for restoring or enhancing the areola of a woman's breast after they have undergone breast surgery.

Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Permanent makeup –different forms, different reasons

People may choose to undergo permanent makeup tattooing in different forms for different reasons. It can be because they like the aesthetics of a permanent makeup tattoo or because it serves as some sort of initiation rites. Some also choose to undergo a permanent makeup tattoo because it is a time saving solution and also because they find it physically difficult to apply normal and temporary makeup.

Adjunct to facial/breast reconstructive surgery

In fact, the permanent makeup tattoo is also, for some people an adjunct to facial or breast reconstructive surgery. If you have lost your eyebrows, then a permanent makeup tattoo may offer a solution to help you have your eyebrows tattooed on. However, regardless of the reason for getting a permanent makeup tattoo, you should understand a little bit about the risks involved.

Risk of infection

Infections are probably the biggest risk facing those who want a permanent makeup tattoo. This is because the equipment used to create a tattoo can easily be the reason why infectious diseases are transmitted. Hepatitis and infections of the skin are the most common infection issues related to the permanent makeup tattoo.

Removing the permanent makeup tattoo is another problem. Even though modern advances in the field of laser technology can help you remove your permanent makeup tattoo, this is however often a task that can be very painstaking and will require you to undergo a handful of treatments. Also, you cannot completely remove the permanent makeup tattoo without leaving behind some scars. So, this is another problem related to the permanent makeup tattoo.

People that get a permanent makeup tattoo can also develop allergic reactions. Lastly, one should also be aware that there are MRI complications that have to be taken into account before getting a permanent makeup tattoo. However, such a risk is not great and MRI complications occur very rarely.

Perhaps the biggest issue with getting a permanent makeup tattoo is that you may be left feeling unsatisfied by the results. If so, then removing the permanent makeup tattoo can be a difficult task. What's more, even if you are, at first, satisfied with your permanent makeup tattoo, there is a chance that after some time you may become dissatisfied with the results. there is also a risk that the permanent makeup tattooist might inject the pigments a bit too deeply into your skin and this can lead to the pigments migrating to places where they should not which can cause a blurring of the tattoo.

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