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Permanent Makeup Machine

Today, permanent makeup embodies the best of science and art which are brought together to provide various solutions. At the same time, there are different kinds of permanent makeup that a person can choose to use and each different technique requires use of different methods and even different kinds of permanent makeup machines. Permanent makeup can also be applied with hand methods but today more and more cosmetologists are making use of a good permanent makeup machine to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Permanent Makeup Machine

Permanent makeup –modern technologies

For those permanent makeup artists that wish to use a permanent makeup machine, there are several options available. As a matter of fact, the modern permanent makeup machine has by and large replaced the hand method tools and in fact most modern technicians and permanent makeup artists will not consider performing their work without making use of a good permanent makeup machine.

When you start your search for the right permanent makeup machine, you will find that there are several reputable manufacturers that are offering a variety of permanent makeup machines. However, a permanent makeup artist or technician will generally need a rotary pen or even a coil machine to complete their jobs.

Rotary Pen

The Rotary Pen is one of the better options for those who wish to use permanent makeup machines. This pen which is also referred to as a cosmetic pen is really a small sized machine tool that has especially been designed and developed for use in the permanent makeup industry. This particular permanent makeup machine is available in different strengths and it can also accommodate a variety of needle configurations.

Circular motions

It is called a Rotary Pen because of the way in which its needles work which is in a circular manner. This particular permanent makeup machine offers maximum comfort and is very portable and does not make much noise when being operated. These attributes have helped to make the Rotary Pen a very popular permanent makeup machine.

The latest Rotary Pens are larger than their original counterparts and are able to provide high tech performances and are visually very attractive and are driven by digital readout power units. This permanent makeup machine also comes with disposable needles as well as other component parts.

The Coil Machine

The Coil Machine is another kind of permanent makeup machine and one that is otherwise called a conventional tattoo machine. These machines offer greater power to the technicians and can handle many different kinds of needle configurations. Each needle will be held in its place within a tube that is attached to the permanent makeup machine with the help of a screw and it will also be anchored at the back end of the permanent makeup machine on a nipple.

Rubber bands have to be used to help the technician or permanent makeup artist achieve the right amount of tension in the needles. This particular permanent makeup machine works in linear manner which is quite different to that of the rotary pen which works in circular paths.

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