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Permanent Makeup for Stretch Marks

Women that have developed stretch marks after their pregnancy are going to find that their skins just are not returning back to their normal form. The same is the case with people whose skins are marred by stretch marks on account of severe weight loss or even weight gain. In such instances the skin tends to develop scarring which is commonly referred to as stretch marks which start off as being purple or red in colour and then after some time will start to fade and become white in colour.

Permanent Makeup for Stretch Marks

Permanent makeup-break in the dermal layer of the skin

Stretch marks tend to develop in the dermal layers of the skin which is an elastic and middle layer of your skin. When stretch marks begin to form, the dermal layer tends to break down and this is what causes the stretch marks. Though there are several ways by which you can remove stretch marks including surgical methods and skin needling as well as camouflage makeup you should also learn more about permanent makeup for stretch marks.

Different kinds of results

Many people opt for permanent makeup for stretch marks but the results in many cases are not up to par. However, some people that have tried out permanent makeup for stretch marks report that after the procedure it was hard to distinguish the stretch marks from the rest of the skin. This means, that a lucky few would actually benefit from thinking about using permanent makeup for stretch marks.

Thin skin

The trouble with permanent makeup for stretch marks is that the end results might not be entirely satisfactory as the area where the stretch marks have formed will have skin that is quite thin and so when applying permanent makeup for stretch marks, the ink will diffuse and will not be able to match the colour of the adjacent skin and this can make the area look a bit weird.

It is also important to note that permanent makeup for stretch marks is not recommended for anyone that happens to be suffering from keloid scarring or who have problems with hyperpigmentation as these conditions tend to encourage higher production of melanin. This will happen whilst the treatment is being performed and will lead to dark patches.

There is hope for those who choose permanent makeup for stretch marks or Multi-Trepanic Collagen Actuation procedures which will cause stimulation of collagen production as well as melanin in the dermal layer. This can have a positive effect on the affected area and with some skin-tone pigments can do a good job of camouflaging the stretch marks.

If you do decide to have permanent makeup for stretch marks then you should also understand that when you are trying to tan the affected area that this will not change too much as compared to areas that were not affected by permanent makeup for stretch marks. Therefore, you should try and keep your skin as near to its original skin-tone as is possible.

Of course, it is equally important that the permanent makeup for stretch marks procedure be performed by an expert and skillful practitioner. This will improve the chances of success dramatically.

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