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Permanent Makeup Removal

Women like to have permanent makeup done because permanent makeup helps them to improve their facial features. Permanent makeup and tattooing are procedures that share many common features with each other. There will be times when a woman might change her mind about keeping permanent makeup on her face and at such times will be looking for permanent makeup removal solutions.

Permanent Makeup Removal

Permanent makeup –laser cosmetic surgery

Laser cosmetic surgery is one of the best permanent makeup removal solutions available today. However, in order for this permanent makeup removal method to work there may be needed to apply different kinds of lasers. Depending on the permanency of the pigmentation and the colouration used, different kinds of lasers will have to be applied. In other words, different kinds of lasers will need to be used to remove each different colour.

Pulse-dye lasers

When using laser cosmetic surgery to affect permanent makeup removal, the doctor will have to make use of a pulse-dye laser that has to be shined on the areas where the permanent makeup has been applied. The lasers will then break the pigments down without doing any harm to the surrounding areas on the skin. The pigment, once it has been broken down, will then be absorbed by the patient's body and will be got rid off without causing any scars.

Hard to remove certain colours

Of course, when using this permanent makeup removal method, there will be certain colours of the pigmentation that will be quite hard to get rid of. Mostly, colours such as blue-black, red and green do not pose much of a problem and any good permanent makeup removal can help to remove them. At the same time, there will be some colours that in order to remove them will require a handful of treatments and even then they may still not have been removed completely.

Discuss your condition with a doctor first

This is why, before getting a permanent makeup removal cosmetic laser surgery done, you should discuss your condition with a doctor and will then assess your skin condition and guide you regarding the best permanent makeup removal solution. Sometimes, the colours can only be faded and not removed entirely and in such cases you will need to determine which the best permanent makeup removal method is for your case.

In order to decide whether laser cosmetic surgery is the best permanent makeup removal option for you, you will need to look at certain factors including the possibility of scarring as well as checking whether the operation is safe or not. You also need to assess what the likely results of such a permanent makeup removal method will be and then decide if the method is worth trying out.

It is important to understand that permanent makeup removal is a procedure that is considered an elective one and it will not be covered by insurance policies. This means that you will need to bear the cost of your permanent makeup removal method on your own and in addition you have to also understand the fact that the permanent makeup removal process might involve several sittings.

For women that are having regrets about their permanent makeup, laser cosmetic surgery is certainly one of the better permanent makeup removal options available to them.

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