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Permanent Makeup Pens

If properly used, permanent makeup pens can make you look perfect. These pens are available in different configurations including manual and electric. So, before going to a clinic to get your permanent makeup done, you must check the type of equipment each clinic is using and based on the type of equipment they use you can decide whether to use their services or not.

Permanent Makeup Pens

Permanent makeup-Manual permanent makeup pens

Manual permanent makeup pens are actually very small in size and are usually made from plastic. They have large sized gauges and they make use of standard sized tattoo needles. These needles will be punched by hand into the patient's skin and this may result in feeling some pain. Even if your practitioner is using manual permanent makeup pens with topical treatments the pain caused can be quite considerable, especially because the treatment goes on for between two and three hours and in addition you will need to have between two and three treatments done.

Hand methods

It is important to keep in mind the fact that because manual permanent makeup pens are part of hand methods the pen is not able to implant enough pigment. Therefore, manual permanent makeup pens are not widely used and in fact only ten percent of practitioners actually make use of such instruments. After they have used manual permanent makeup pens, patients will experience bleeding, swelling and scabbing.

Two colour patterns

The permanent makeup will look like solid tattoos and eyebrows will be filled in solid. There are two colour patterns that can be used which include overlapping and dots and after the practitioner has used manual permanent makeup pens there will be need to have the procedure repeated after a year. Also, the effects of permanent makeup pens are semi permanent and the procedure is painful and the end look will be artificial and not natural.

Electric permanent makeup pens are mainly from Asian regions and they make use of large sized gauges and associated tattoo needles. Use of electric permanent makeup pens will result in pain and the treatment again takes between two to three hours and there is need to get between two and three treatments. The end result will be hard and quite dark. However, electric permanent makeup pens are widely used by practitioners but at the end of their use, patients are going to experience bleeding, scabbing and swelling.

The good part is that electric permanent makeup pens can implant quite a lot of pigment but in the end, the results obtained will not be very different than when using manual permanent makeup pens. In fact, the results will look like solid tattoos and the lips will look quite hard and there may be dark lines that will be visible. Eyeliners can be smudged and not smooth.

The color will be applied in overlapping dots and the colors will be solid and dark. Patients that have been treated with electric permanent makeup pens report that the results are quite artificial and tattoo-like.

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