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Permanent Makeup for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is the name of a condition in which the skin starts to develop white coloured patches. This condition can occur on any part of the body and the condition can also affect several different parts of the body at one time. Vitiligo is caused because the skin loses pigments because of certain reasons like the destruction of cells that are responsible for the formation of pigments. These cells are known as melancocytes and as yet the medical fraternity has not been able to find out why exactly these cells are destroyed. It is suspected that the reason could because the immune advertently or inadvertently destroys these cells.

Permanent Makeup for Vitiligo

Permanent makeup-affects every race

Vitiligo affects every race but is predominant among people whose skins are dark coloured. Sometimes, permanent makeup for vitiligo can be used as a way of concealing the white coloured patches. However, there are certain limitations regarding how permanent makeup for vitiligo can be used. For instance, permanent makeup for vitiligo is not recommended if you wish to colour large parts of the skin and also when the vitiligo condition itself is not stable or is still changing or when it is not in remission. In such instances, use of permanent makeup for vitiligo will not do any good as you will end up chasing after the spots.

Small areas

Therefore, if you do decide to get permanent makeup for vitiligo done then you should do so on small areas of the skin and also in those areas where the condition is very noticeable like on the face or on the chest. When the face and chest are affected it can have severe consequences on your self confidence and in order to fix the problem you should think about using permanent makeup for vitiligo.

Customize the colours

When going in for permanent makeup for vitiligo you can also ask the practitioner to customize the colours so that they exactly match the surrounding areas (which are unaffected by vitiligo). These colours can then be implanted on the area which is affected.

Some doctors however do not recommend that their patients apply permanent makeup for vitiligo. At the very least, they only suggest that you try permanent makeup for vitiligo if the area to be treated is small and where there has not been any fresh growth in the past six months. Also, permanent makeup for vitiligo is a good option if you have tried other methods without success.

It is important to understand that permanent makeup for vitiligo should only be performed by a certified and licensed permanent makeup professional. The process involved injection of artificial colours to the affected part of your skin. Mostly, this is done with the help of conventional needles or by other surgical instruments.

For those of you that wish to apply permanent makeup for vitiligo; remember, that the procedure can be quite painful and the results will depend on the dexterity of the practitioner. Also, be prepared for ill consequences such as complications like a skin infection. So, before opting for permanent makeup for vitiligo, keep these factors in mind and only go ahead if there is no better solution available.

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