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Permanent Makeup Liverpool

If you are looking for the best permanent makeup Liverpool practitioner then it will pay for you to take a second look at Carina Hughes. She is fully qualified and has plenty of experience in offering the best permanent makeup Liverpool services. Her list of satisfied clients is long and very impressive. As soon as you enter her clinic you will immediately feel at home and after speaking with her you will feel very confident that she can do the best permanent makeup Liverpool job.

Permanent Makeup Liverpool

Permanent makeup-Carina Hughes

Carina Hughes works from her studio and is also seen providing permanent makeup Liverpool services at various beauty salons in the city. Carina will certainly ensure that you are given the best permanent makeup Liverpool job which will also be done in a pain-free and stress-free manner. If you are in Liverpool there is a good chance that you will get to know about her through word of mouth. Such is her reputation in this city.

Kate Smith

Kate Smith is one of the better permanent makeup Liverpool practitioners and she has the ability to execute all kinds of permanent makeup jobs to your entire satisfaction. She has graduated from a BAFTA winning makeup school and has worked in the beauty industry since 2004.

Emma Connolly

Emma Connolly is another excellent permanent makeup Liverpool practitioner. She is adept at tattooing nipples onto a reconstructed breast and is an expert in using special techniques to ensure that her patients come out looking pretty and natural. After getting your permanent makeup done by Emma Connolly you will feel much more confident about yourself.


Hazel offers excellent permanent makeup Liverpool services. In fact, instead of spending a lot of money in visiting Harley Street you can get comparable results by going to Hazel and getting your permanent makeup done by her. Hazel Furlong is a Certified Master Educator and is very experienced and knows makeup like the back of her hand. She has been consultant to hundreds of people that have come to her to find out more about various kinds of permanent makeup services. From eyebrows to eyeliner to lip blush to tattoo removal, Hazel can handle it all.

Rachel Hunter

Are you looking for the prettiest pair of contoured eyebrows and you are also in Liverpool? If so, then it pays to get in touch with Rachel Hunter Beauty Clinics which are the best permanent makeup Liverpool clinics. Rachel Hunter Beauty Clinics have won many awards and they take great pride in being specialists in beauty care.

Pretty in Ink

Pretty in Ink is another excellent option for those who want to find and deal with the best permanent makeup Liverpool studios. If you want inks that last forever (almost) and inks that stay true for many years and if you want to get your permanent makeup done in a painless manner, then you need to get in touch with permanent makeup Liverpool clinics like Pretty in Ink. Here, not only is the permanent makeup done by experts but the products used are top quality as well.

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