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Permanent Makeup Essex

Heidi Worman offers outstanding permanent makeup Essex services. She is in fact considered to be one of the finest in her field and she also happens to be one of the only F/T BUPA registered experts on makeup in the entire UK. She is currently engaged in offering the best services with the use of latest techniques and has been recommended by the best surgeons and doctors in the British Isles.

Permanent Makeup Essex

Permanent makeup –Heidi Worman

Heidi is a great option for those who need permanent makeup Essex. Her reputation is second to none and she is consistent in her performance and can do any kind of permanent makeup job. Her clients come from every part of the UK and from overseas as well. Among her clients, Heidi can count a number of celebrities that come to her for various kinds of permanent makeup work.

Heidi Worman is a great option for those who need the best in permanent makeup Essex. She has been featured on BBC One and on BBC Radio and is the focus of much media attention. Worman offers unique permanent makeup Essex service and her style is very unique and is combined with use of top class products which have helped her to provide excellent results.

Jackie Rosie

Jackie Rosie offers outstanding permanent makeup Essex services and she is also in fact a fully qualified permanent makeup technician that has over two decades of experience in her field. She owns her very own salon in Essex and has been offering her services there for over a decade. Her clientele is filled with famous names and most of them remain loyal to her because of the excellence of her service.

Jackie Rosie thinks of permanent makeup as being an extension of her makeup artist skills and she makes use of her experience to ensure that each of her clients come away impressed with the enhancement done by her.

Jackie Rosie obtained her training from Nouveau Contour who are recognized for being market leaders in the permanent makeup industry and whose equipment and products are the best in the business.

Ashlene McCormack

Ashlene McCormack who runs Perfect Makeup 24/7 is another outstanding example of the best permanent makeup Essex artists. Here, her clients can discover her professional skills which are second to none and which will ensure that they get the best permanent makeup work.

Ashlene McCormack has more than two decades of experience in makeup, beauty therapy and in aesthetic medicine. She has worked in the best saps in the UK and takes special interest in performing beauty and skincare work. She began to offer permanent makeup Essex services in 2001 and from that time she has grown to become a recognized practitioner of permanent makeup Essex.

She has also trained at the Academy in Harley Street and has also attended the best training schools and clinics in the UK. Her dedication and commitment to offering the best permanent makeup Essex services has propelled her to the very top of her profession. If you really want top quality permanent makeup Essex services, then you should get in touch with her at Perfect Makeup 24/7.

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