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Permanent Makeup Leeds

Face the Future offers some of the very best permanent makeup Leeds services. Today, in a world that places a lot of importance on appearances; we need to use every trick in order to look our best. New innovative technologies and latest products are helping people look their best and one of the options available to them to look their best is to go in for permanent makeup.

Permanent Makeup Leeds

Permanent makeup –Face the Future

Face the Future is an option that anyone that is looking for permanent makeup Leeds services must take. This is a clinic that offers the very best services in exclusive and private as well as a very professional atmosphere.

Face the Future is a clinic that offers the safest permanent makeup Leeds services. They have Healthcare Commission Registration to prove that they are capable of providing safe treatments. They also combine the very best in skincare technologies from every part of the world and they combine that with the best in Harley Street training to ensure that anyone that comes to them for permanent makeup Leeds services will leave feeling very satisfied.

Tracey Ager

Tracey Ager is an excellent technician that knows permanent makeup inside out. If you need the best in permanent makeup Leeds, then it pays to visit Tracey Ager who has more than two decades of experience in beauty treatment and permanent makeup services. Tracey Ager is committed to ensuring that each customer that comes to her leaves satisfied with her work. She listens very carefully to the customer's needs and then provides a solution that will ensure that the customer gets exactly what they want.

Essentials Beauty Salon

Essentials Beauty Salon that is located in Garforth Leeds is a perfect place to get your permanent makeup done. Here, those who need permanent makeup Leeds services can get all kinds of treatments that are performed on either gender and which include all forms of permanent makeup.

Draw the Line

Draw The Line which is run by its founder, Janice Western offers wonderful permanent makeup Leeds services. Janice Western is fully qualified as well as is dedicated practitioner or Nouveau Contour permanent makeup. Janice Western got her training from the best in the industry and this has given her the perfect platform to build on her experience and skills and with a professional approach to her work, she has become one of the leading permanent makeup Leeds practitioners. It certainly makes sense to find out more about her.


Caroline who has a medical background offers excellent permanent makeup Leeds services. She is fully qualified to perform permanent makeup and has many other qualifications and has completed advanced training that has made her a fine exponent of permanent makeup. Caroline is also a certified member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals or the SPCP.

She is truly adept at using her skills to not only perform the best permanent makeup Leeds procedures but she also can train others so that they can carry on her good work. If you are serious about getting the best permanent makeup Leeds work, then it makes sense to get in touch with Caroline of Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement.

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