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Permanent Makeup Edinburgh

If you are planning on getting permanent makeup Edinburgh done then it makes sense to visit Zen Lifestyle which is an award winning Edinburgh salon, day spa and skin clinic. Zen Lifestyle offers the complete range of beauty as well as relaxation treatments and is an advanced skin and body clinic as well.

Permanent Makeup Edinburgh

Permanent makeup –Zen Lifestyle

For urban residents (both men and women) Zen Lifestyle offers a fulfilling experience by providing products and services that improve the mind as well as body. Zen Lifestyle is the brainchild of Fiona Fowley who along with her team has created an excellent place where customers get permanent makeup treatments in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Zen Lifestyle is open for all seven days of the week and it offers early morning as well as late evening appointments. It has also won fifteen national beauty awards such as the UK Salon of the Year for the years 2003 and 2008. It is also winner of the Most Desirable Salon in Britain (2009).

Allure Beauty and Permanent Makeup

Allure Beauty & Permanent Makeup is another option available to those who need permanent makeup Edinburgh. Run by Fiona McLaurin, Allure Beauty & Permanent Makeup specializes in all kinds of permanent makeup treatments and in addition offers other treatments as well including those such as facials and waxing of eyebrows as well as lash tinting.

SurgiCare Edinburgh

SurgiCare Edinburgh offers excellent permanent makeup Edinburgh. SurgiCare Edinburgh offers excellent permanent makeup treatments and is located at 13 Heriot Row, Edinburgh. You can get in touch with them by phone at 44 8000 46 1000.

Enhance Permanent Cosmetics by Fiona Ramsay

Fiona Ramsay offers outstanding permanent makeup Edinburgh treatments. She has previously worked in private hospitals where she came into contact with many plastic surgery patients. She got to become aware of the way that cosmetic changes can make a dramatic impact on the confidence of these people. She first discovered the benefits of permanent makeup and then became adept at performing different permanent makeup procedures. If you want the best permanent makeup Edinburgh, then be sure to get in touch with Fiona Ramsay at 07729 875480.


Face-It offers very high quality permanent makeup Edinburgh treatments. They are experts at providing Nouveau Contour permanent makeup treatments and in this way will save your precious time and also enhance your features. Once you come to get permanent makeup Edinburgh done at Face-It you will be treated by a qualified Nouveau Contour professional practitioner who will ensure that you always look your best right through the day and night.

When it comes to getting the best permanent makeup Edinburgh there are many options available. There are a number of spas and beauty salons that offer excellent permanent makeup Edinburgh. Before picking the best permanent makeup Edinburgh salon or clinic it is important that you check that they can provide professional services and their treatments should be affordably priced as well. In addition, before selecting a permanent makeup Edinburgh salon or clinic makes sure that they perform their procedures in congenial and hygienic settings.

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