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Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup normally implies use of non-surgical methods to apply eyeliner and eyebrow as well as lip colour in a manner that ensures that it last for many years. Women that wish to define their facial features and who also want to look their best are the ones that will most likely opt to use permanent makeup as it saves them the trouble of having to apply makeup on a daily basis. Permanent makeup can do wonders to conceal disfigurement to the face on account of burn marks and it can also help those who are suffering from cancer and who wish to conceal unsightly facial scarring.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup – micro-pigmentation implementation

Permanent makeup is made up of micro-pigmentation implementation which is a process in which permanent pigments are applied into the skin and more particularly to its dermal layer. The pigment contains natural iron oxide and the application of this pigmentation is done with the help of sterilized needles. These needles can implant many hundreds of pigment dots beneath the skin in its basal layer.

Procedure takes a few hours to be completed

Normally, a permanent makeup procedure can be completed in a few hours' time. Before undergoing such a procedure, you need to ensure that your cosmetologist makes use of needles that have been properly sterilized and the pigments used must be for a single application. In most cases, the effects of permanent makeup can last for a number of years though in-between there may be need for some touching-up of the makeup, especially after a couple of years.

Darker looking skin

After undergoing a permanent makeup procedure, it is quite possible that the skin will look a bit darker than it should. However, after a week, the colour will return to its correct shape but will also fade away after a few years. The cost of permanent makeup for the eyebrows works out to upward of 350 pounds while the costs of permanent makeup for lip treatment will set you back approximately 450 plus pounds.

It is important to get your permanent makeup done by a skilled cosmetologist who is able to create the right look which in turn should be subtle and very natural. Before performing the procedure, the cosmetologist will most likely conduct a skin patch test to find out whether there is any risk of allergic reactions. Also, they will administer topical anesthetics in order to turn the area to be treated numb. This helps in minimizing any discomfort that such a procedure can cause.

When undergoing permanent makeup procedure, it is likely that you will feel some discomfort in the form of prickly sensations. After the initial permanent makeup procedure has been completed, there may be need for another touch-up procedure. this is done to create perfect lines. After undergoing a permanent makeup procedure, you must also ensure that you do not allow your skin to be exposed to the sun and to various skin products.

However, using sun blocks can help in prolonging the effectiveness of the procedure. women that have a problem with cosmetic allergies tend to make use of permanent makeup to help improve the shape and colour of their lips and eyes.

Side effects of permanent makeup include cracking/peeling of skin around the lips and eyes and some amount of blistering might also affect those who have undergone a permanent makeup procedure. the worst case scenario, is that such a procedure can also lead to severe disfigurement as well as experiencing difficulties in talking and eating.

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